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On the move …..

Once a month we played at the Boarhound, now renamed Silk Trader. The atmosphere has changed so we’re looking around. What with the Castle closing we could be any where! (See right →)

We have meetings every Wednesday.  Since the Castle has closed we are looking at alternatives. From Wed 21-Jan-15 we are trying:

The White Lion

Mill Street, Macclesfield

Come and join us

Book a band of Ukulele Players for your Event.

There is a large pool of ukulele players in the Macclesfield club that can be drawn upon to add a smile and some audience participation to your party or celebration. Use the ‘contact us’ form to get in touch.

It all started as a bit of fun, playing songs together, but it seemed that others wanted to listen or join in. With the emphasis on accessibility and familiarity we draw upon a wide range of songs from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century. There’s so much good music around that you’ll be delighted by songs not heard for many years but which evoke happy days and meaningful moments.