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As 2014 warms up and the Macc Ukulele Club juggernaut comes thundering through your idyllic country village, the casualties mount. Doctors say my metatarsal shouldn’t affect my playing as it is all in the wrist action. That’s music for you.

Boarhound Pub - CLOSED?

We have meetings every Wednesday.  Either at the Castle or the Boarhound

Come and join us

Castle Pub

Boarhound Castle

Our monthly highlight with good music and exciting guests.

The Boarhound pub is located just off the Silk Road in Macclesfield. 37 Brook Street SK11 7AD

The Boarhound Pub provides a great venue for a club like ours. There’s a large room upstairs that is suitable for all ages, away from the more traditional pub atmosphere downstairs. There are projection facilities so we can show music song sheets and music videos using the in-house wifi. We are lucky to have it once a month - the last Wednesday. There have been a variety of guest appearances including  Ken Middleton and young Charli .


The Boarhound has closed for a few weeks for refurbishment so we will be meeting at Bate Hall (39 Chestergate, Macclesfield, SK11 6BX) for the last Wednesday each month until further notice.