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As 2014 warms up and the Macc Ukulele Club juggernaut comes thundering through your idyllic country village, the casualties mount. Doctors say my metatarsal shouldn’t affect my playing as it is all in the wrist action. That’s music for you.

Boarhound Pub - CLOSED?

We have meetings every Wednesday.  Either at the Castle or the Boarhound

Come and join us

Castle Pub

Boarhound Castle

Friendly community, Live performance

Macclesfield Ukulele Club has a range of players from beginners to public performers. With a wide range of sing along songs, you can have live music that all can enjoy at your party or other celebration. More ...

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Macclesfield Ukulele Club grew out of chaos and went downhill from there to the surprisingly pleasant state of ‘sociable anarchy’. Everyone is welcome in a non-judgemental, mildly interested fashion. No previous experience necessary. Playing the ukulele is fun, inexpensive and sociable. Don’t know why I’m wasting time typing this when I could be strumming!

Ukulele players walking, singing and playing all at once - amazing!

Barnaby 21JUN14